Ned Evans


On view thru Friday December 8th

Squalls and oceanic storms have been within Evans' work for the past fifteen years, beginning with pigment-infused mixed media paintings and works on paper conveying the defiant beauty and vulnerability inherent within storms at sea. Romantic, possibly perilous, unquestionably wild - there is a mesmerizing quality to nature's higher forces, beyond our control and gorgeous nonetheless. In this newest body of work, the squalls are confined to a limited palette of black and white, lending a particular immediacy to the imagery - capturing the dramatically distilled, atmospheric quality of squalls at sea, as they roil, retreat, and roar overhead and below. Many of these storms and skies have revealed themselves to Ned over the last half-century, as he stood on land or paddled out to sea in Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, and, of course, California.



Photo Credit: linnymorris