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The photo exhibition presented by Randy Young is a culmination of 40 years of collecting historical images that describe the early landscape and the development of both Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica Canyon.  These images became the framework for several books produced by Betty Lou and Randy Young on the area. 
The photographs were obtained from many different sources such as the Pacific Palisades Historical Society, Ernest Marquez, and Zola Clearwater Collections.
The presentation will include images ranging from small postcards to huge custom made Panoramas from the 1890s.
Randy Young  was born to and grew up in Pacific Palisades. His Parents Betty Lou and Dr. Tom Young always instilled in their son that this was the coolest place to be from and that it should be protected.  Thus started a partnership that used history and photos to protect their town.  A life of activism followed.
Randy was public schooled at Paul Revere and Pali High.  He received a degree in photography from Art Center Center Collage of Design and for many years had a commercial photo studio in Culver City.  But his real passion was producing books on his neighborhood with his Mother writing the text.
This was the beginning of his life of activism for preservation. Especially for open space parks and historic structures.  His photography and graphic skills has been used to further those goals.  He is still at large doing those things.