MFA                1987, California Institute of the Arts

BFA                 1986, California Institute of the Arts

BA                   1983, University of California at Berkeley (Architecture)



2009               Mori Sushi, Santa Monica


2007               Encryption Painting

                       Angles Gallery, Santa Monica


1994               Empty Pleasures

                       AMO - Amanda Obering Gallery, Los Angeles


1991               Angles Gallery, Santa Monica


1990               Terrain, San Francisco



2011                Earth and Sky

                        Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, CA


2006                Hi Res / Lo Res

                        Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, CA


2002                The Great Silence

                        Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA


2001                Recent Acquisitions

                        Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA


2000                Defining the Sublime

                        Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, CA


                        A Lasting Legacy:  Recent Additions to the Collection

                        Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA


1999                Warmer Still

                        Videoland, New York


1996                Ether

                        Angles Gallery, Santa Monica


                        A Selection of Classics

                        Dorothy Goldeen Gallery, Santa Monica


1995                Smells Like Vinyl

                        Roger Merians Gallery, New York


1994                Constructed Views

                        Woodbury University Art Gallery, Burbank, CA


                        Where We Live

                        AMO, Amanda Obering Contemporary Art, Los Angeles



                        The Drawing Center, New York



                        Angles Gallery, Santa Monica


1993                Introductions '93

                        Haines Gallery, San Francisco


1992                New Evidence:  Recent Art & the Photograph

                        Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA


1991                Solo Exhibition

                        Angles Gallery, Santa Monica


                        Rene Pierre Allain/Jeff Beall/Robert Dean

                        Gallery Moos, Toronto


                        The Chapman Market Show

                        Chapman Market, 3465 West 6th Street, Los Angeles


                        Five Day Group Show

                        Thomas Solomon's Garage, Los Angeles


1990                No Trends

                        Nahan Contemporary, New York


                        Jeff Beall/Linda Roush (Linda Hudson)

                        Terrain, San Francisco


1989                I to Eye

                        Cirrus, Los Angeles


                        Logical Conclusion

                        Jan Kesner Gallery, Los Angeles



                        Nahan Contemporary, New York


                        Uta Barth/Jeff Beall/Paul Boettcher

                        Roy Boyd Gallery, Santa Monica                     


1989                Los Angeles Current Abstract Painting

                        Marc Richards Gallery, Los Angeles


1988                21 Artists                                                                                                 

                        Dennis Anderson Gallery, Los Angeles


1987                Breaking Through the Looking Glass:  West                          

                        curated by Thomas B. Solomon

                        Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles


                        Breaking Through the Looking Glass:  East

                        curated by Thomas B. Solomon

                        Holly Solomon Gallery, New York



2002-present   Co-Publisher of X-TRA

                        X-TRA is a quarterly journal of contemporary art, published in Los Angeles

                        by a collective of LA-based artists and writers.


1994                Oostende 1994

                        Contributed a musical piece entitled “Für EliseX3” to the two cd set of musical

                        and spoken-word performances by Los Angeles visual artists produced by

                        Louis Gutierrez & Gretchen Seager and released on Bigg Truck Records.


1989                LOADED

                        Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery, Santa Monica

                        co-curated with Tony Greene, LOADED was a group show ofeighteen

                        artists and writers, whose works dealt with "the placement of the body at

                        the end of the twentieth century."



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PUBLICATIONS :    "Disappearances" catalog



Alan Baron, New York

Miriam Benimohn, New York

Paul Boettcher, Los Angeles

Tom Bonauro, San Francisco

Chipper Boulas & Isabelle Fevrier, Paris

Rainer Crone, Munich

Continental Corporation, Cranbury, New Jersey

Tim Ebner, Los Angeles

Fred Fehlau, Los Angeles

Dorothy Goldeen, Santa Monica

Glen Edward, Santa Ana

Richard Green Gallery, Los Angeles

Gerard Jennings, Toronto

Susan Landau, Los Angeles

Daniel Melnick, Los Angeles

David Moos, New York

Peter Norton, New York

Todd Oldham, New York

Luciano Perna, Los Angeles

Alan Power, Santa Monica

James Reinish, New York

Wolfram Rottzieper, Remscheid, Germany

Gretchen Seager, Los Angeles

Sarah Seager,  Los Angeles

Security Pacific Bank, Los Angeles

Linda Stark, Los Angeles

Nancy Solomon, New York

Mitchell Syrop, Los Angeles

Horst von den Steinen, West Germany

Joel Shine, Santa Monica

Jennifer Tilly, Los Angeles

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax

Berkeley Art Musuem, Berkeley, CA

Carnegie Art Museum, Oxnard, CA

Laguna Art Museum , Laguna Beach, CA

Oakland Museum of Art, Oakland, CA

Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CA

Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Oregon