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Shawna Ankenbrandt - "Integrative Nudes"

Shawna Ankenbrandt is an American photographer who first started being published as a surf photographer covering the Southern California coast. From there her work evolved toward fine art and she is best known for her landscapes and integrative nudes, where the beauty of the female body and feminine sensuality isn't separate from the environment, but rather part of a whole. Her work has been featured in various magazines for her editorial and surf photography. Her introduction to the fine art world is one in which she brings a cultivated, yet innovative take on a continuous fascination with nature.

"The nudes in these images are integrative - where the female body, the feminine sexuality, becomes the same as the dirt, the sand, the forest. It's not separate and reveals to us our great beauty as being part of a whole rather than being objectified, separate and in turn isolated.